001. Introducing "Get Over Divorce" Podcast

podcast Mar 02, 2021

001: Introducing "Get Over Divorce" - the podcast!

You can get over divorce and still get the life you love. This episode introduces you to me (Julie Danielson), Relationship Coach and Mentor.  This podcast is meant to break the social mores that make you feel like divorce is something to be ashamed of. You get to be an empowered badass woman not just at work but also in your relationships and in the dating world, and I am going to show you how.


Divorce is an opportunity. It is a RE-BIRTH. Renewal, a reboot on your life. You get to do with this ONE life whatever it is you want. But I find a lot of women do not know what they want. So I am hoping that I can show you what is POSSIBLE. I hope you can identify with me and get to know me through this podcast so that you can see…. If I can transform my life from rock bottom, kick unhealthy habits, create a job I love, live my purpose, Find an amazing partner that makes me feel loved, appreciated and adored everyday…. Then sister, YOU CAN TOO.


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