002. Divorce Acceptance and Responsibility

podcast Mar 02, 2021

Acceptance and Responsibility are two essential things you must have to further your healing.  I am going to outline for you what is most needed so that you can begin to heal, or even if you are farther along in your divorce journey, you may recognize some unhealed wounds that need some tending too.

Acceptance is one of the very first step to you putting this divorce in the past.  Many women try to get closure from their ex in the form of an apology or self depreciation. The reality is closure does not come from him, there is nothing he can say on this EARTH that will make you FEEL BETTER. Your brain just thinks it needs that.

Closure comes from you, and it really does come in the form of acceptance. Responsibility is the essential piece that is going to get your power back.  When you deflect all the blame, you are not taking responsibility. This step will help you own your part so that you get the real closure you need. 

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