007. Why Marriages Really Fail

podcast Mar 02, 2021

I hope to transform the way you think about how your marriage ended. For so many people they blame it on infidelity as the reason, but I am going to challenge you with the reason behind even that. If you are open to new thoughts about how your marriage ended, it can free you of the resentment, rejection, and unconscious pain you are carrying about it.

I introduce Dr. John Gottman's teachings about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Inside you will see how people make the same mistakes that cause struggle in a marriage, and you will learn what to do instead. Applying this lesson to your life going forward can significantly change your next relationship and give you a chance for deeper more intimate and connected love. 

Inside this episode I mention my clients that are transforming their lives from the inside out, if you want to learn more check out my program Thriving Through Divorce and let's find out if you are one of the deeply committed few who will create a life you love.