011. How Could He Move on So Fast?

podcast Mar 02, 2021

The most common complaint I hear in my private Facebook Group, Is "how could he move on so fast". So I am addressing it here and it is NOT what you think it is.  If you are being blamed by him for singlehandedly ruining your marriage, you have to give this a listen to find out WHY that is happening.

While he is having a Mid-Life Crisis, you my dear, are having a Mid-Life Awakening and ultimately you will be better off in the long term because you are here, learning to manage your mind and emotions. 

If you really identified with this episode and your struggle with the blame he shovels your way, and you are ready to take massive action to do something about, like work with me, let's find out if we are a fit by clicking here and booking a call to learn more.