008. The Mean Little Voice Inside Your Head

We all have this inner voice, but have you ever really noticed it? Sometimes it is mistaken as our inner knowing or inner self. The reality is, it is incessantly bitching at us and telling us how we suck.

This episode is going to teach you about your bitchy roommate and how to transform that constant chatter into productive self-talk. You can transform that inner bitch to your inner-cheerleader. 

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007. Why Marriages Really Fail

I hope to transform the way you think about how your marriage ended. For so many people they blame it on infidelity as the reason, but I am going to challenge you with the reason behind even that. If you are open to new thoughts about how your marriage ended, it can free you of the resentment, rejection, and unconscious pain you are carrying about it.

I introduce Dr. John Gottman's teachings about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Inside you will see how people make the same mistakes that cause struggle in a marriage, and you will learn what to do instead. Applying this lesson to your life going forward can significantly change your next relationship and give you a chance for deeper more intimate and connected love. 

Inside this episode I mention my clients that are transforming their lives from the inside out, if you want to learn more check out my program Thriving Through Divorce and let's find out if you are one of the deeply committed few who will create a...

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006. The Empty Feeling You Will be Alone Forever

You know that void you feel in your stomach, like an emptiness you cannot fill? It's normal. It is also normal to fear that you will be alone forever. Some women strive to fill that void as soon as possible with the next warm body. I would advise against that. Sometimes sitting with yourself in that space, feeling the fear... is the solution.

Today you will learn what else you can do to get over that river of misery and on to the other side. Good news, it is temporary if you are willing to dive in and do the work. But watch out, resistance is futile and usually causes more pain than it is worth.

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005. Beginning Dating

When is the right time to start dating? How do you know if you are "ready"? 

These and other questions will be answered in this episode and I will debunk some of the biggest dating myths. 

We dive deep into what you need to become a successful, date ready, woman. I will show you how to raise the bar on the men you date, and it might surprise you how that happens. 

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004. Overcome Guilt, Blame, and Shame

This episode is going to break down each of those unwanted and destructive emotions. You will learn how they show up in your life and what happens when we mismanage them. I will also show you how deal with each of them so they are not ruling your life.

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003. Dealing with Difficult Emotions

When it comes to overcoming difficult emotions you need to learn how to feel them first. During this episode you will find out how to process them so that they are finally put to rest rather than coming up over and over for you.  You will learn to break the patterns of numbing behaviors that hold you back from being in integrity with the person you want to be. 

You will learn how to think constructive thoughts that will give you more joy and peace than before. When you learn to process your emotions, you will put them in the past, and start planning your amazing future that you look forward too. 

Join my free Facebook group Thriving Community: Women Supporting Women Through Divorce. It is my favorite place on the whole Internet. 

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002. Divorce Acceptance and Responsibility

Acceptance and Responsibility are two essential things you must have to further your healing.  I am going to outline for you what is most needed so that you can begin to heal, or even if you are farther along in your divorce journey, you may recognize some unhealed wounds that need some tending too.

Acceptance is one of the very first step to you putting this divorce in the past.  Many women try to get closure from their ex in the form of an apology or self depreciation. The reality is closure does not come from him, there is nothing he can say on this EARTH that will make you FEEL BETTER. Your brain just thinks it needs that.

Closure comes from you, and it really does come in the form of acceptance. Responsibility is the essential piece that is going to get your power back.  When you deflect all the blame, you are not taking responsibility. This step will help you own your part so that you get the real closure you need. 

Do you need to connect and grow...

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001. Introducing "Get Over Divorce" Podcast

001: Introducing "Get Over Divorce" - the podcast!

You can get over divorce and still get the life you love. This episode introduces you to me (Julie Danielson), Relationship Coach and Mentor.  This podcast is meant to break the social mores that make you feel like divorce is something to be ashamed of. You get to be an empowered badass woman not just at work but also in your relationships and in the dating world, and I am going to show you how.


Divorce is an opportunity. It is a RE-BIRTH. Renewal, a reboot on your life. You get to do with this ONE life whatever it is you want. But I find a lot of women do not know what they want. So I am hoping that I can show you what is POSSIBLE. I hope you can identify with me and get to know me through this podcast so that you can see…. If I can transform my life from rock bottom, kick unhealthy habits, create a job I love, live my purpose, Find an amazing partner that makes me feel loved, appreciated and adored...

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